Saturday, August 11, 2007

Inhale - Exhale - Smile - Repeat

First of all I can't believe it's already been a week since my last post, time is just flying by and I can't seem to slow it down one bit. Well, except for last Thursday when time came to a screeching halt. You see the temperatures here have been miserably hot, consistently over 100 degrees, and our upstairs A/C unit croaked on us. So for most of the day the repair men turned both units off so that they could identify the problem. OH MY GOD!!! I believe the temperature inside the house got up to about 90 degrees, but I couldn't really leave the house because they kept asking questions and needing me to show them where "X" and "Y" were. OH MY GOD!!! I thought I would die. So they managed to find the problem and put a "band-aid" on it to get it to work until next Thursday when they come back for their scheduled 8-hour repair job. OK, just so you know we will NOT be here that day. We will be across the street at Christie's sitting in their nice cool living room with my cell phone, in case they need to ask me anything at all.

Let's see, other than that Isabella and I have been out to Josh's pool a few times to try to keep cool, we've gone to lunch with Christie and Madison, went downtown to take Scott out to lunch and we've spend A LOT of time indoors. Unfortunately, the weather forecast offers not a single glimpse of hope in the near future so we might have to get really creative about how to spend all of our time indoors without going totally crazy.

Now, there is one thing I am so very excited about. Back in February, Scott gave me a gift certificate for a 1/2 day spa visit for our 5-yr anniversary. I just recently panicked when I realized the certificate expires the end of this month so I went ahead and booked it for TODAY ~ 4 hours of a full-body massage, a pedicure, a manicure and a light lunch (which will probably consist of alfalfa sprouts in an extra light wheat pita - YUMMY!). Anyway, that's where I'll be headed in a little while and I can't wait. Say it with me: Inhale - Exhale - Smile - Repeat.

So on that note, I'll leave you with a picture of last week's birthday boy and the apple of his eye. Have a great weekend!


marcilambert said...

oh dear. no AC??? ugh. i hate going to get the mail these days.

really hope you enjoy your spa day!