Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sweet memories

We've lived in TN for a little over three years now and I still love driving up and down Walnut Grove/Shelby Farms as much as I did when we first moved here. There's something very soothing about driving down a road where you're constantly surrounded by nature, seasonal crops, walking trails, a fishing pond, etc. And this is by far one of my favorite sights:

Two years ago, as I was headed home from the hospital scared to death about the incredible new responsibility in our lives (Isabella) ~ wondering how we would do it (one day at a time), if we would be good parents (we work very hard every single day to be), how much our lives would change (seriously? it's easier to tell you how it hasn't). While ALL these uncertainties and insecurities were running through my mind, I look up and see nothing but a sea of beautiful giant sunflowers. Suddenly I felt like it would all be OK, I felt like we would be able to make it.

Since that day I love this time of year because of the sweet memories of Isabella's birth, my first-time mom nerves as I'm headed home and the inner-peace that this amazing sight brought to me (albeit, this inner peace didn't last very long thanks to the ugly face of postpartum or baby blues or whatever you want to call uncontrollable sobbing, combined with total self doubt, lack of sleep, and many other symptoms, but that's besides the point).

So this year I decided to capture some pictures of this amazing sight so that I could always remember what brought me a bit of hope and sunshine during such a nerve-wrecking time. We all went to get some shots this afternoon, and I'm so glad we did because it was so very peaceful and absolutely breath-taking.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Down on the farm,...

I got the birthday pictures from Anita today and they are awesome. It was such a relief to be able to spend our time with Isabella and all of her guests and not have to worry about taking pictures.

Our farm trip was a blast. We had the most unbelievable weather for July. Among some of the things we got to do was feeding goats, turtle races, petting a ferret, a duckling, a bunny and a rooster, horse carriage rides, pony rides, feeding bunnies and a 1000 lb pig, milking a goat(some were much more brave than others), a train ride, a wonderful playground, and on and on.

The kids were SO good ~ all 13 of them. They all listened, followed the rules, and got to enjoy the farm and everything it had to offer.

One thing's for sure, this will certainly be a hard act to follow next year.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just a peak,...

I just received a sneak peak of some of the birthday pictures. Anita, all I can say is WOW! I cannot wait to see all of them.

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Exactly two years ago our lives changed in the most amazing and unbelievable way ~ when Isabella made us parents and a family of three.

We had the most wonderful Birthday Party for her yesterday at Kidz Kountry Petting Zoo in Southaven, MS. Luckily, a friend was able to take pictures throughout the party allowing Mommy and Daddy both to focus on having fun with the birthday girl. I will post pictures and stories about it as soon as I get them back.

Since today is her real birth date, we're planning a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's later on with our wonderful neighbors, which I'm sure will also require a post.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! We love you so much!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No more horsing around

I got a call from my cousin Jessica this morning telling me that she understood I was busy and all, but that I was really slacking in the blogging department. Alright girl, point taken,... I am so sorry.

OK, so we really have been busy these last couple of weeks getting ready for "Lella Happy Birday Comin", which Isabella has been reminding us of almost daily for the last few weeks, and getting some things done around the house. The kitchen got a bit of a much needed face lift ~ nothing major, just new paint, new light fixtures, new hardware and a different kitchen table. Although we would have loved to get new cabinets and counter tops, financially it's not the right time. But we're really happy with how it turned out. I'll make sure to post some pictures soon.

But in the midst of all the "busyness", we have carved out some time for fun stuff as well. On Saturday Scott and I took Isabella to Shelby Farms to see the horses and hopefully get her to ride one.

Let me start by saying that I tried this a few months ago. Isabella was quite taken with Beau (the horse) and was not at all afraid of him so naturally I was certain it would all be smooth sailing. I paid $4.00 and then she absolutely lost it and got hysterical when they tried to put the required helmet on her and,... that was the end of that.

So with her birthday party at the farm fast approaching, we thought we'd try this little adventure again. This time, putting on the helmet was absolutely no problem, she actually enjoyed having it on. Getting close to Pipper (the horse), that was all together a different story. So this time we paid $4.00 for her to wear a helmet and,... that was the end of that. However, she did look really cute with it on.

So by our estimation, we're thinking we will have spent close to $40.00 before she actually gets on one of the horses with a helmet on. Hmmm, kind of an expensive pony ride, don't you think?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Very Colorful Farmer's Market

This morning we woke up, had breakfast and went out to check out our local Farmer's Market. Scott and Isabella had never been to one and I can't even remember to the last time I went. It was absolutely wonderful. We got there at around 10:30am and walked around for a while taking it all in. Scott loved the selection they had of fruits and vegetables and their great prices. His new grilling infatuation ( I'm certainly not complaining) has him trying all these different grilled vegetable recipes which are divine. Isabella apparently loved their tomatoes since she decided to bite into two of them; one regular tomato and one cherry tomato which squirted all over her face and hair and left her a very confused mess. Me, well as you can see I really loved all of the colors surrounding us every step of the way. Anyway, we made sure to stock up on tons of fruit and vegetables before we left. Isabella also loved some beaded bracelets they were selling and we got her two of them, a blue one and a purple one (but unfortunately, unbeknown to us, she decided to leave them at Lowe's afterwards).

However, my absolute most favorite part of our Farmer's Market experience this morning was when we decided to buy some corn and I got to witness quite an interesting exchange between Scott and the vendor. Now please do keep in mind we are in the south and the Market was packed with southern farmers with very thick southern accents. Anyway, we walk up to the vendor and after the greetings this happens:

Vendor: "Which type of corn would you like?"
Scott: "Well, what do you have?"
Vendor: "I have two types; the bi-colored kind with the yellow and white inside and the really sweet and yellow kind."
Scott: "The bipolar kind? I've never heard of bipolar corn?"
Liz (unable to control laughter): "Scott, he said bi-colored, two colors."
Scott: "Well,... that makes a whole lot more sense then."

I don't know, maybe this is one of those things where you had to be there to find it as funny as we do, but it has made us laugh all day long. Even as I type this I am giggling like an idiot. Please know I completely understand that there is nothing funny about the bipolar disorder and I would never laugh or mock anyone with such disorder. NEVER! But bipolar corn? Seriously! You just can't make this stuff up. And you should have seen him, he looked so interested!

I tell ya, you gotta love a man that makes you laugh so hard in public. Thanks Cakes!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Genius Mommy

Our neighbor Christie and I thought it would be a great idea to take the girls to the Water Spray Park today being that it has been so incredibly hot lately. It is a park with 12 different "stations" of sprinkler-like activities, it's open from 8am-8pm and it's free. As soon as we got there I thought: "WOW, this is amazing. I'm bringing everyone who comes to visit us from out of town here. They will absolutely love it." I mean, look at this. Does this not look awesome?

Well,... then reality set in. Isabella absolutely HATED it. Seriously, what was I thinking? Our child hates having water splashed on her face, she hates it! And yet I think it would be fun to take her to a place where water is shooting at her from all directions? Bad Mommy, bad, bad Mommy!

Anyway, she spent most of the 30 minutes we were there walking along the perimeter of the park making sure she was out of water's reach.

As you can see I was able to get a few pictures when she got brave enough to get close to a couple of the stations, but soon after the last picture was taken she turned around, came to me and said: "All done Mama, we go bye bye". And go bye bye we did.

We went across the street to a wonderful playground where she was able to really enjoy herself and I was able to somewhat redeem myself. Oh well,... can't win 'em all.

Isabella LOVED this swing. She would not get down and it almost put her to sleep. I'm thinking we're gonna have to get one of these.

Monday, July 2, 2007

What'd you say?

Ever since Isabella has started "talking", we've always thought she picks up words quite quickly, almost effortless actually, forcing me to REALLY watch what I say and how I say it. As she approaches her second birthday, that ability seems to be greatly exaggerated.

This last week was a particularly interesting one in the language development area. The last few words she's added to her vocabulary, and uses quite appropriately if I may add, have us laughing pretty hard.

NUFF (enough) ~ as in: "Stop mama, nuff tickling!"

OH GOSH ~ as in:
Liz: "Isabella, get down before you get hurt."
Isabella: " OK mama, oh gosh!"
Also used when she's struggling to climb somewhere or when she accidentally drops something.

CHOKE ~ as in: (fake cough) "Mama, Lella (Isabella) choke."

LICIOUS ~ as in:
Liz or Scott: "How's your food Isabella?"
Isabella: "Mmm, Mmm, licious."

This morning she woke up, had breakfast, handed me the phone and said: "Call Daddy!", so I did. She had a brief conversation with her daddy and after I hung up the phone she looked at me and stated as a matter of fact: "Daddy at work".

So as frustrating as this age/stage/phase or whatever else people call it can be, she sure is quite the entertaining act these days as well.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


So, our busy summer of 2007 continues without any signs of slowing down in the near future. It's been crazy busy, but so much fun. Scott's sister Liz, her husband Chris and their son Daniel left this morning after a very fun and jam packed weekend. On our schedule for the weekend was a visit to the zoo, watching an amazing display of fireworks downtown and enjoying some good fun quality time together, which included a trip to eat frozen custard (YUM!!!).

We went for a walk around the block on Friday night after dinner. It wasn't too terribly hot, but the mosquitoes were eating us alive.

Isabella enjoyed spending time with her Aunt Liz and watching the animals at the zoo.

Isabella and Daniel tackled the playground at the zoo right after lunch.

Uncle Chris is the best, he came to Isabella's rescue when she got stuck.

It was such a fun weekend and we had a wonderful time with Aunt Liz, Uncle Chris and Daniel. Thanks for coming down to visit. We're looking forward to the next time we see each other.