Monday, July 2, 2007

What'd you say?

Ever since Isabella has started "talking", we've always thought she picks up words quite quickly, almost effortless actually, forcing me to REALLY watch what I say and how I say it. As she approaches her second birthday, that ability seems to be greatly exaggerated.

This last week was a particularly interesting one in the language development area. The last few words she's added to her vocabulary, and uses quite appropriately if I may add, have us laughing pretty hard.

NUFF (enough) ~ as in: "Stop mama, nuff tickling!"

OH GOSH ~ as in:
Liz: "Isabella, get down before you get hurt."
Isabella: " OK mama, oh gosh!"
Also used when she's struggling to climb somewhere or when she accidentally drops something.

CHOKE ~ as in: (fake cough) "Mama, Lella (Isabella) choke."

LICIOUS ~ as in:
Liz or Scott: "How's your food Isabella?"
Isabella: "Mmm, Mmm, licious."

This morning she woke up, had breakfast, handed me the phone and said: "Call Daddy!", so I did. She had a brief conversation with her daddy and after I hung up the phone she looked at me and stated as a matter of fact: "Daddy at work".

So as frustrating as this age/stage/phase or whatever else people call it can be, she sure is quite the entertaining act these days as well.