Friday, July 6, 2007

Genius Mommy

Our neighbor Christie and I thought it would be a great idea to take the girls to the Water Spray Park today being that it has been so incredibly hot lately. It is a park with 12 different "stations" of sprinkler-like activities, it's open from 8am-8pm and it's free. As soon as we got there I thought: "WOW, this is amazing. I'm bringing everyone who comes to visit us from out of town here. They will absolutely love it." I mean, look at this. Does this not look awesome?

Well,... then reality set in. Isabella absolutely HATED it. Seriously, what was I thinking? Our child hates having water splashed on her face, she hates it! And yet I think it would be fun to take her to a place where water is shooting at her from all directions? Bad Mommy, bad, bad Mommy!

Anyway, she spent most of the 30 minutes we were there walking along the perimeter of the park making sure she was out of water's reach.

As you can see I was able to get a few pictures when she got brave enough to get close to a couple of the stations, but soon after the last picture was taken she turned around, came to me and said: "All done Mama, we go bye bye". And go bye bye we did.

We went across the street to a wonderful playground where she was able to really enjoy herself and I was able to somewhat redeem myself. Oh well,... can't win 'em all.

Isabella LOVED this swing. She would not get down and it almost put her to sleep. I'm thinking we're gonna have to get one of these.