Monday, March 31, 2008

We're still here,...

We're just:
  • Tired
  • Enjoying our new baby boy
  • Thrilled to see Isabella interact with her baby brother
  • Making the most of our time left with Tata and Papa Abu
  • Sleep deprived
  • Recovering from some minor complications from the c-section
  • Trying to figure things out and get organized
  • Ready to get out and about
  • Amazed it's the last day of March
  • Did I mention tired?
I know I've been horrible about not posting any pictures yet, but I promise the next post will contain some of Isabella and Baby Sam ~ as soon as I have some spare time (yeah,... that's hilarious!).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're home ~ all 4 of us!

So, I finally found some time to sit and type this update. Let's see, as of Monday we're all home and doing well, for the most part. Isabella is sick with what may be a bad cold or a sinus infection. We went to the doctor yesterday and he made sure she is being heavily medicated. Needless to say we're constantly chasing her with Lysol and Purell. She hasn't been quite herself these last few days, but I'm not sure if it's because of the sickness or because of the arrival of her new baby brother. I tend to think it's because she's not really feeling well, so far she seems pretty enchanted by Baby Sam and has turned into a great little assistant during diaper changes. Daddy has taken some time off so she's been in heaven these last few days. I hate to think what it'll be like when he goes back to work.

Sam is the best little baby. He sleeps, eats and poops A LOT. We went to the doctor yesterday for his first check-up, and he's doing great. He's rapidly gaining back the few ounces he lost those first few days and already a half an inch taller than the day he was born. We had to go back today to assess whether or not he has Jaundice, but the doctor cleared him and laughed at the fact that he's already at 9 lbs. So in 5 days he went from his birth weight of 9.1 lbs to 8.9 lbs, 8.11 lbs, 8.12 lbs yesterday and 9.0 lbs today. We had our first "challenging" night last night, with Sam needing me and Isabella calling for her daddy every couple hours. Oh well, I guess it's just preparing us for what's to come.

I'm feeling pretty good. My recovery has definitely been a pretty smooth one. Mostly I only feel some discomfort at night, after a day filled with activity, but I can't really complain. I am so incredibly grateful to have my parents here. My mom has especially been a HUGE help and knowing Isabella was so well taken care of, and totally spoiled, while Scott and I were in the hospital made the whole experience quite stress-free. Not to mention how nice it is having mama's home cooking every day ~ YUM!!!

I haven't had a chance to upload any of the pictures we've taken these last few days, but I promise as soon as I have another spare minute I will post some.

OK, it's time to go since apparently it's feeding time, AGAIN!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello Single Digits

Alrighty then, it seems we've finally hit the single digits with only 3 days to go before my Mom and Dad arrive and only 9 days to go until we meet Baby Sam. I can't even tell you how excited I am. It's been over a year since we've seen my parents and to have them here with us for an entire month is pure bliss. All Isabella talks about these days is how she's going to hug and kiss her grandparents "all day and night and weekend".

Speaking of Isabella, we got a chance to go see Go Diego Go Live this past weekend and she had an absolute blast. Even Dora made an appearance, which thrilled her beyond belief.
After the show we rode the trolley and had lunch downtown. By the time we got home both Isabella and I crashed after such an exciting day.
Sunday was such a beautiful day we pretty much spent the afternoon working outside on the backyard. The temperature was in the low 70's with an awesome breeze and there was no way we weren't going to take advantage of such awesome weather.
I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow and I can honestly tell you I am finally starting to see the light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel. To think that by next Friday the "easy" part is over and the real fun begins ~ YIKES!

Well, I better go get the little lady ready for bed. She needs to get her beauty sleep tonight since she has her school class pictures tomorrow.

Until next time,...