Monday, July 22, 2013

Interview with an 8 year old

Today we celebrate Isabella, our amazing, smart, loving, funny and beautiful girl. It's so hard to believe she's turning 8 years old.  I know it's the biggest cliche out there, but really... where has the time gone?! It's been such an honor and a wonderful adventure watching her grow and turn into the extraordinary person she is.

In an effort to document her, who she is and where she's at in life right now, I thought it would be fun to do a short interview with her. And that went a little something like this:

What is your favorite thing to do right now?
Go swimming at Tata's (grandma's) pool with my cousins and my friends, because we use our imagination to make up a lot of fun games.

What's your favorite food?
Pepperoni Pizza

What's your favorite drink?
Diet Dr. Pepper... it's really yummy and tasty and good!

What's your favorite TV show?

What's your favorite movie?
Monsters University, because it's about two "people" becoming friends in a very cool way.

What's your favorite thing to play?
Games on my tablet, especially Diner Dash.

What's your favorite thing about summer?
No school! (with no hesitation whatsoever!)

What has been your favorite activity this summer?
Our trip to Colorado. Going up a ski lift and down that long slide on a sled on wheels was AWESOME!

Who's your best friend?
Can I pick two? I have to pick two. Hudson and McKenna.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
Back to Aruba. Everything about Aruba was awesome, the hotel, the pools, the beach, the waterpark...

What do you like most about being a big sister?
That I'm the oldest (read bossiest) ;-)

What do you like most about Sam? What do you like least?
Most: He's very funny!
Least: He's so annoying!

What do you like most about Max (I realize I have not introduced the amazing Max yet....oops!)? What do you like least?
Most: He's so joyful!
Least: He's so drooly!

How do you feel about going into the third grade?
I'm excited to learn a lot of new things and make new friends.

What do you hope this new year will bring?
I'm excited about going to to the American Girl store!
I want to get my first real American Girl doll.
I want to learn to ride my bike without training wheels.
And I want to learn to write in cursive.

Our girl:
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
We love you SO much!


Raven Hicks said...

Happy Birthday Isabella! We hope you have an amazing day and a fabulous year! Miss you!
Raven, Kevin and Amelia :)

Katelyn said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you get Pizza for dinner :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Isabella! I hope your day is full of all of your favorite things!