Thursday, September 6, 2007

Our big girl

Today was Isabella's first day at Preschool/MDO. Scott and I have been preparing her for this day for weeks telling her about all the fun things she'd get to do while in school ~ playing with boys and girls, drawing pictures, singing songs, going to the playground, eating lunch and snacks, taking a nap. All of which she was anxiously looking forward to, except for the dreaded nap. I even spoke to her teacher about it (the nap I didn't think she'd take) during orientation. She was great about reassuring me that Isabella would be OK and that this is probably the one time in our kids' life when peer pressure is a good thing.

Anyway, this morning she woke up very excited. We ate breakfast, watched a little TV and the three of us went to drop her off for her first day of school.
There was only a little bit of hesitation this morning when we walked in and she saw the classroom. She took two steps back and decided this school thing might not be a good idea after all. Daddy reminded her about the fun things she was going to do, she looked inside the classroom, saw that there was paint and paper set up on the table and ran inside without giving me a kiss or even saying good bye. She looked back long enough for me to snap one last picture and that was that.
Needless to say I missed her terribly, but truth be told I enjoyed having some free time and those 5 hours absolutely flew by. When I went to pick her up this afternoon she showed me the artwork she'd created and the happy face stamp she got on her hand for being a good girl during music class. She didn't actually take a nap, but I was told she was very good about lying down quietly on her mat until nap time was officially over. She was so very proud of herself and us,... well we couldn't be more proud of our big girl.


marci lambert said...

yay for isabella!
and yay for mommy!!!