Thursday, October 11, 2007

I must confess

Isabella had her school pictures taken last week, and I must confess I was petrified. Why?, you ask. Well, here lately when you ask her to smile for the camera she loudly says "CHEESE" and makes the scariest looking face. And I know I'm her mama and I love her to death, but when I say scary,... I mean scary. Scary like "Chucky the doll" scary (please refer to exhibits A and B below):

Exhibit A ~ Here's Chucky the doll:Exhibit B ~ Here's Isabella looking "Chucky-ish":
Due to this small issue, we actually had some impromptu smiling practices/sessions at home before her school photos were taken. Needless to say we got this look from her more than once, and every single time her daddy would praise her by loudly exclaiming "Beautiful!". Seriously?!?! I could have killed him every time he did because I just knew all of her pictures would end up looking like that.

Anyway, today was the big day, the day we got to pick up the pictures. I found myself walking towards the table with quite the array of emotions going on inside me: anxiety, anticipation, fear, dread of the unknown, uncertainty. I gave the lady Isabella's name and she pulled out her pictures, she then looked at me and said "Oh". Oh? What is that supposed to mean? The first thing that popped into my mind was CHUCKY! Then she says "You're going to have a hard time choosing". Phew,...

The pictures were stunning. I picked 6 poses from a total of 10 available and absolutely loved them. I'm pretty sure we're going to use one of them on our Christmas cards so I'm only going to share a couple at this time. These are scanned copies so they are not as good as the originals, but you get the idea.

Yeah, no Chucky doll here, just our beautiful girl who constantly keeps us guessing.


~Yaira said...

You were right, she does look beautiful!! The kids really enjoyed reading your blogs with me. Oh, yeah and YanKarlo has invited you to take him to the place where the dinosaurs were at..Sabrina says she's going too. Yankarlo just told me to say that he's going to sleep so that in the morning he doesn't wake up "KRONKY". He's so smart don't you agree? Okay now he's making up a "kronky song"...hehehehe Well sweet pea, I'm going to go too, don't want to be kronky and all..., please give your beautiful baby a huge hug and kiss from all of us! P.s. your pics from the Disney on Ice looked really good, postcard like!! Love ya and keep us up to date on ya'lls life and post more pics!! Can't wait for sonogram pics...are you getting yours in 3-D? Okay, now I'm rambling, I'm sleepy LOL..luuuvvv uuuuu!