Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now we're talking... "SAM" language, that is!

Once upon a time I was a very worried mom of an adorable toddler boy 
who would smile ALL day long, but would not speak.
I remember just waiting and waiting for the words to come... 
Wondering if they ever would.

Well, they did!

Our little boy is a talking machine these days. 
He talks NONSTOP!
All day! 
Every day!
I am no linguist, but I do have a passion for words. And I love how much his vocabulary has evolved within this last year or so.

The problem is that often times people don't necessarily understand what he is saying. And to be totally honest, I've had times when I've had to ask Isabella, who happens to be extremely fluent in "SAM" language, what it is he is saying. And I love how she looks at him, asks him to repeat what he is trying to say, and then turns around and without missing a beat, translates his words for all of us to understand. But I do have some favorites that I do understand. And I just happen to find them SO incredibly adorable (or funny), that they are worthy of documenting.

So here's what I'll do: I will give you his word, our word and I will use it in a sentence for the purpose of demonstration.

Ready? OK, here we go:

* GAY!, which really means YAY! As in:
Sam: "Mom, can I play outside?"
Me: "That's fine!"
Sam: "GAY!!!"
or, used while in the check-out lane:
Sam: "Mom, can you buy me some bubble gum?"
Me: "Sure, Honey!"
Sam: "GAY!!!"

*GOOSE, which really means JUICE. As in:
Sam: "I looooovvvvveeeee GOOSE!"
Which he really really REALLY does, and has been limited to one cup a day by his pediatrician, which drives Sam crazy and has turned him into the world's best negotiator.

*GUESS, which really means YES. As in:
Me: "Sam, would you like some juice?"
The first time he responded with "GUESS!", I looked at him, blinked twice and said "Yes?,... No?"
Which prompted him to look at me, blink twice and say "I said GUESS!"
It was all very confusing there for a minute.

* GAU, which really means WATER, and DOISTY, which really means THIRSTY. As in:
Sam: "Mom, I need some GOOSE, I'm DOISTY!"
Me: "No juice, Sam. You've head enough. But you can have some water."
Sam: "Fine, I'll have some GAU."

*ISABELLA's name has gone through an array of changes throughout the last couple years:
It all started with BA. As in: "Stop it, BA!"
Then it morphed to BEA. As in: "Stop it, BEA!"
Then came my all time favorite, BEATCH. As in: "Stop it, BEATCH!"
I won't lie, Scott and I just about died laughing every time we heard him say this. Yes, we're worse than a couple of 12 year old kids! And don't even get me started on the looks I got any time we were in public and he let out one of his very loud  "Stop it, BEATCH!" I can't help but giggle as I type this... 12, I know!
Which leads us to the most recent one, ISABEWA. As in: "Stop it, ISABEWA!"
Can you say adorable?

*KEEKEE, which really means CHRISTIE, our neighbor's name. As in:
Sam: "Hi KEEKEE! Look at me wide my bike!"

And finally, one of my favorites...
* TCBOY, which really means TCBY. As in:
Sam: "Mom, can we have TCBOY for dessoit? Pleeeaaassseee?"

So there you have it... your very own personal "SAM" language cheat sheet. 
Which I guarantee, will come in quite handy next time you sit down to have a conversation with him.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Cracking me UP! Oh, how I enjoy your posts.

alison said...

love it when they really get going with vocabulary. chandler didn't say much until he was well past 2. until then, everything was "ah zah zah". now it's so much fun (and sometimes embarassing) to hear how he pronounces things. and ava's getting ready to jump on that bandwagon! she's already started calling her grandma, "yamma". i die from the cutenes! **and i giggled at the "beatch" part too ;)