Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

(1) I feel like I've seriously neglected the ol' blog lately. I'm also WAY behind on reading and commenting on blogs. But I'm sure that as things start to settle around here, and our back to school routine is re-established, my time (and desire) for blogging will return. At least I hope it does. I miss my bloggie peeps!

(2) We didn't really do as many things on our Summer Fun List as we would have liked this year. Don't get me wrong, we certainly made a pretty dent. But in all honesty, when I think back to our summer, this is all that I seem to remember:

It seems like we spent most of the summer either taking swim lessons at the Y or swimming at my Mom's.

(3) Still on the list, and soon to come, a HUGE garage sale along with the kids' lemonade stand. My friend Tracey printed out a nice big banner for them to use on their lemonade stand. It is adorable and they can hardly stand it!

(4) I've got some really fun home improvement projects I am absolutely thrilled about, and lots of indoor painting that will soon take place. Stay tuned!

(5) Isabella survived her first week and is really enjoying being a first grader so far. We get to meet with her teacher tonight, and we're definitely looking forward to it.

(6) Sam has two more weeks before he starts his 3YO Pre-School. I'm ready! Him... not so much anymore! He's working overtime on his case for staying at Tata's all day, every day. How quickly things change! Poor baby...

(7) Scott has been lusting after a Dyson vacuum for years. No joke. However, I couldn't justify buying one while we had a perfectly good Hoover in the house. I mean, have you seen the price tag on those rug suckers? YIKES! Anyway, Scott decided to vacuum the house this weekend. Yeah, I'm not one to discourage anyone from such behavior! Amazingly, an item of clothing got misteryously sucked in and pretty much burnt the heck out of our perfectly good Hoover vaccum.

(8) Guess who is the proud owner of a brand new Dyson!
I think not!

(9) The Help
Loved the book!
LOVED the movie!
Did you read the book? Have you seen the movie?
The casting, the sets, the wardrobe, the acting...  It is AMAZING!
Seriously, go see it!
That's all I'm gonna say about that!

(10) Sam was being his silly self yesterday. So, I decided to pick up my camera and snap some pictures. This is my favorite one:
Technically, it's all wrong. But he's not making silly faces. He's laughing. Like, really laughing. And he's such an adorable and lovable and awesome child. And all that comes through in this picture. And that is exactly why I love it so much!

Have a great day!


alison said...

i want a dyson. now i know how to get one ;) and "the help"??? OH.MY.WORD. absolutely loved the book....and saw the movie this past sunday. there just aren't enough words to fully express how much i loved the movie as well. phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome blogger! I feel bad I still have not posted on mine but I am sure when the kids get in school it will be easier. Russ is off today, I will call ya tomm!

Quilly Nilly said...

I totally understand his love of Dyson, I wanted one for years; and finally we saw them on clearance at Target a couple years ago. We also have the purple one but not the ball, ooohhhh I'm jealous. I love to vacuum and it's amazing how much dog hair and sand we get up with ours. Yippee for Scott!

Anonymous said...

AGAIN-PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sad to say that we LOVE our Dyson as much as we do, but for the life of me I can't figure out what other vacuums have actually done all of these years before we had our Dyson! LOL! Absolutely ridiculous! I'd really like to have the small portable Dyson with the long nozzle on it for smaller clean ups and the stairs, but alas spending $200 for a portable vacuum sounds even more ridiculous than what we paid for the large version we already paid a mint for!!!!
-Melisa :)