Tuesday, January 17, 2012

crazy little thing called LIFE

I had every intention of hitting you guys with a super sized, jacked up on steroids, mother of catch-all, Ten on Tuesday post of enormous proportions. Christmas programs, Disney, every day fun, you name it! But then, this crazy little thing called LIFE got in the way.

My father fell late last night. This landed him in the hospital with a gash in his head and a fractured hip. If you happen to follow this blog then you may know about my father's health issues. They are many and they are serious. So this little accident,... Yeah, not so good!

I spent most of last night and all of today in the hospital with him and my mom. All of his doctors are consulting to make sure he is good to go for surgery. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it happens tomorrow. He is in a lot of pain! And he is feeling pretty down!

So, if you happen to remember, could you please say a little prayer for him? For his surgery, for his healing, for his recovery, for his spirit,...

I promise I will update you soon. But for now, I feel like I am where I need to be.



Jessica said...

Espero q Tio salga bien y pronto!!!! Si pudiera ir a visitarlo, le daria un besote bien grande en el cachete, si puedes....dáselo por mi please. los amo a todos un monton!!!! Fortaleza a tio y a todos!!! Por favor mantenganos informados, estamos pendientes a los telefonos.

Laura Darling said...

I hope your dad is doing better!