Sunday, June 10, 2007

Date Night Lowdown

Seriously, you know we don't get out much as a couple when I'm excited enough to chronicle last night's date night on the blog. But we really did have such a nice night.

Technically, last night marked the end of Liz's Birthday Week Celebration (as you can probably tell, birthdays are a BIG deal in our home). Anyway, Scott decided we needed some alone time so that we could have a nice "grown-up" meal, uninterrupted adult conversations, a glass of wine or two and end the evening with a late night movie. Our wonderful friend and neighbor Christie came over and stayed with Isabella and off we went.

We enjoyed a fabulous meal at Owen Brennan's, including their famous Bananas Foster dessert. YUM! Since our "late night" movie didn't start until 9:25pm (which trust me, is quite late for me these days), we decided to kill some time at Border's.

Last, but not least, we went to see our movie. Before Isabella was born, Scott and I went to the movies at least once every single weekend. As of last night, neither one of us could remember the last time we'd been there together. Kinda sad, isn't it. Anyway, we saw Ocean's Thirteen and it was awesome! I just love those guys and the chemistry between them, not to mention they are quite easy on the eye.

So that was our jammed packed date night, but you know what? I'm so glad we got to enjoy time together, just the two of us. It was a long time coming.


marcilambert said...

hurry for you and scott!!!

marcilambert said...

duh! i mean "hurray".