Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thank goodness for tolerant dogs,...

We are so lucky to have the dogs we do. Mick and Copper have turned out to be such wonderful pets. There's really not much you can do to upset them, except maybe try to get between them and a really succulent meaty bone (but then again, I might even snap at you if you try to get between me and a really succulent meaty bone). They are extremely tolerant and mild-tempered, especially when it pertains to Isabella, as seen here:

As Isabella sits on our 100lb Rottweiler with her soaking wet bathing suit after playing in her pool, she joyfully informs me: "Look Mama, Mickey is a neigh neigh". Now, is it just me or does Mick look like he's actually smiling?

I would have included a picture of Copper, but he was not interested in participating in our Sunday afternoon outdoor activities. Instead he was indoor lying on the couch enjoying the A/C, which is exactly where you can always find him.