Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's a Compliment,... no really, it is!

This morning I left the house to get a WAY overdue and MUCH needed haircut. Between the nasty Memphis heat, the ridiculously excessive shedding, my inability to comb through it after a shower and just the plain lack of any style, something had to be done, and pronto.

So I went to see a new girl at a salon I had been to before because supposedly she has a lot of experience working with naturally curly hair,... and well let's face it, I need all the help I can get. I think she did a good job. Right now it's kind of hard to tell because she went about it like no one ever had before. She did a dry cut, which basically means that my hair was washed, dried and straightened with a flat iron before it was even cut. Wow, I had no idea my hair could look so straight. It is freakishly straight, like not even the Memphis humidity was a match for this lady's flat iron skills. She claims that by doing it this way it looks good straight as well as curly. Sure, whatever, you're the expert.

Anyway, she cut about 4-5 inches which now puts my hair right about shoulder-length. Again, I think it looks OK, but the true test will be when I wear it curly, which is about every single day, because I don't really have a spare 45 minutes to an hour every day to spend on straightening my hair.

Moving on ~ so I come home, walk through the back door and Isabella's head instantly pops up from behind the couch. Her eyes show how surprised she is as she excitedly exclaims:

"Oh Mommy! Your hair is beautiful! You look just like a doggy!"

Hmmm,... thank you? I guess since she really does love dogs, that's a compliment, right? It's gotta be.

I know she really loved the straight hair since she spent about 30 minutes combing it with a brush and normally the sight of Isabella coming towards me with a brush gets me running faster than most anything else in this world. On any given day, the result of her using a brush on my thick curly hair usually leaves me looking like one of those crazy-haired troll thingies,...
Anyway, I was all excited about posting a picture of my new do today, but needless to say I'm not exactly feeling "pretty" right this minute, with my "doggy" hairstyle and all. I might wait and see what it looks like when it's curly and then I'll post one.

For now, you'll just have to use your imagination: picture a doggy with freakishly straight hair. I don't know, maybe something along these lines:
What do you think? You like?


Anonymous said...

I like!~Funny stuff Liz