Friday, July 18, 2008

She's a big girl!

As of last Tuesday we've started potty training at the Butler household. In order for Isabella to be able to attend preschool, she has to be fully potty trained by September. Needless to say as important as her preschool is to me and as fun as it is for her, you know the pressure was ON!

If you would have asked me on Tuesday or Wednesday I might have told you my child was going to be wearing diapers and/or pull-ups well into the 9th grade. You see, I am not a very patient person; I can be very nurturing and affectionate and loving, but patient I am not. That is a virtue I struggle with and pray for on most days. I was so frustrated I was begging to go back to work and place her in a daycare center until this whole process was over.

Then suddenly on Thursday I had an epiphany ~ I realized that my lack of patience is my problem and not Isabella's, and that she's not quite 3 years old yet, and that as laid back and easy going as she is, she's such a quick learner when she's willing and ready. That was the turning point for me; that's when I decided to readjust my expectations (and my attitude) and empower her with this process. And lo and behold, things are going great ever since.

We've been able to leave the house without any incidents, she hasn't had any accidents today, and right before nap when I was getting ready to put her pull-up on she looked me in the face and said: "No Mama, big girls don't wear pull-ups." She must have seen the look on my face because she immediately followed it with: "It's OK Mama, I'm a big girl." Wow!

I'm not sure what I'll encounter when nap time is over but to tell you the truth, I'm so incredibly proud of her right now, I don't really care. How's that for an attitude adjustment?