Monday, September 13, 2010

Yeah, #2 totally ROCKS!

Isabella had her first soccer game this past weekend. In all honesty I was expecting more of a crazy comedy show than anything else out there, but boy, was I ever wrong. Those kids were so very focused and dedicated and they played their little hearts out on that field. And it was SO much fun to watch them out there!

Warming up before the game:

In the huddle listening to coach talk about their game strategy:

Praying for a safe game:

And then they were off:
On a side note: I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Isabella. She begged me not to sign her up for dance, but to sign her up for soccer instead. I'm not gonna lie, I tried my hardest and darnest to convince her to stay in dance for at least one more year, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. Nope, she only wants to play soccer. So I signed her up ~ and secretly hoped that once she actually played a "real" game, she would realize it is more of a contact sport than she's interested in participating in. Wrong again!

My girl surprised me like never before. Not once was she afraid of getting in the midst of all the action.

Not once was she intimidated by the fact that they were playing against an all-boy team.
Actually, I don't even think she noticed.
And she is fast. Like REALLY fast!

And I'm not saying all of this because she is my girl and I'm constantly bursting with pride over her and pretty much everything she does. I say it because for most of the game, Scott and I kept hearing comments like: "Ooh, that #2 is good!" and "Wow, #2 is fast". And the entire time we sat there, in the front row of course, watching her play and looking at each other and thinking: "Yep, #2 totally ROCKS and she's ours!"

The purple team's parents were the loudest and happiest cheerleaders around that day. Even Sam would stand up, jump and scream: "Go, Ba! Go! Go Go!" and "Go, Poopo, Go!"

Unfortunately, our team did not win our first game. We lost 4 to 3. But they had a lot of fun playing and we had the best time cheering them on!

And yes, as of Spring we will most likely have both children playing soccer. It took everything in this little one not to run onto the field while the game was in full swing.
And as soon as it was game over, he was out there doing his thing.


alison said...

oh how cute! i LOVE how half of them are practically drowning inside of those big jerseys!! and way to go isabella :) i secretly hope my kids don't go for soccer....but mainly because i am fiercely protective over my weekends. but if they DO wanna play, i hope they totally rock too!

p.s....i LOVE the huddle picture. so stinkin' cute!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this blog! And you know it is good that she wants to explore other areas... the best thing about being girls/women is being able to be girly and glamorous one day and sporty and unstoppable the next! : )

Liz said...

Alison ~ I hear you, girl. But she was so adamant that that's what she wanted, that I couldn't say no. Luckily, the commitment is only for one hour on Sundays, so it's not so bad. Not having her in a recital next year is just about killing me, but I guess I have to let her explore an find what she really likes on her own (sniff, sniff). So please post pictures of your ballerina so that I can live vicariously through you,... K?

Angie ~ You're right. But as you may have noticed, she was the ONLY girl out there with a big old purple bow. LOL

Krystle said...

Girl those shots make it look like Isabella's been playing forever!! Glad she had fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Que linda se veeeeee! On a different note, you really know your getting old when you're daughter is involved in sports! Jajajajajaja!
Miss you so much Liz!

Anonymous said...

Do you know if one of the little girl's names is Mallory? I swear I recognize one of those faces.