Monday, November 22, 2010

Beef. It's What's For Dinner.

OK, so in my previous post I briefly mentioned Bessie, our new cow. And I thought maybe it was time I introduced you to the new addition to the Butler household.

Bessie, this is everyone!
Everyone, meet Bessie!
Ain't she a beauty?

Back in the early part of the summer, we all took a little trip to the local farmer's market. While my mom and I drooled over their fresh cut flower selection, Scott walked away onto bigger things. Much, much bigger.

He apparently spotted a local cow rancher/breeder and was immediately drawn to the big ol' heap of beef this guy was selling. They got to talking and suddenly Scott had a dream: to purchase a half a cow. For reals, people... When this boy dreams, it's BIG!

One of Scott's co-workers heard about such dream and told him he had an old, read REALLY OLD, upright freezer sitting in his garage and we could have if we wanted it. Well, needless to say Scott jumped on his offer.

So we now had a really old and rusted freezer in our garage. Scott gave it a good cleaning and took the kids to Lowe's, where they each got to pick a spray paint color of their choice. Hence how we ended up with a big ol' blue freezer which looks like this:
Sam picked an electric blue color for the sides (not pictured), and Isabella picked this blue for the door. It is now one bright blue freezer.

After months of thinking it over and working the numbers and thinking it over some more, Scott decided it was our destiny to own some part of a cow. I mean, we already had the freezer to store it in, right?

So he called the rancher/breeder guy and after a few conversations it was decided we should start out with a quarter of a cow. I can't even tell you how much meat that is. And how many different cuts we have. It's crazy! We'll be having beef for breakfast, lunch and dinner for months.
And if you come over, rest assured there will be a beef dish served. And most likely a beef appetizer. And dessert as well. Ooh, maybe something along the line of Rachel Green's infamous trifle dessert on that Thanksgiving Friends episode. Remember? That was funny!

Anyhoo, I'm glad Scott didn't go with the half cow... we'd probably have to go out and get another deep freezer to store it. Either that or use our regular freezer and not buy another single frozen item for months to come. Sorry kids, we're all out of waffles, but I'll gladly make you some beef if you'd like!

Like I shared with you in my previous post, we enjoyed the first taste of Bessie this past weekend, twice actually, and she was quite tasty!

So, if after reading this, anyone suddenly has an overwhelming desire to go out and get yourself a quarter, half or even an entire cow, please feel free to call me and I'll gladly send you the cow seller's contact info.

Better go now, I've got some serious meal planning to do...


Anonymous said...

OMG, that is hilarious!!!! How does the price and taste compare to what you can get at the supermarket? My husband would love this, maybe for xmas!!!! :)

Christy said...

Hi! Just found your blog :)

We have thought about purchasing half a cow in the past. But after seeing your freezer a quater would be more than enough!! Wow, that's a whole lotta' meat.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

My friends parents raise cows for this very exact thing. All the beef I could store.. so nice!

Tracy said...

I can smell those steaks from here. Yummy.
Nice freezer :)

alison said...

first of all...let me just say that the fact that you threw in the "beef trifle" reference from friends just made me love you even more!!

second...our freezer looks alot like that (well, not the blue part...but the meat filled part!) except ours is venison. and soon to be salmon, halibut, and possibly moose. oh, i'm so excited at the possibility of trying moose! nothing is quite like a freezer full o'meats, huh?!?!

Anonymous said...

OMG Liz, my husband and I have been talking about this for quite some time. Everyone thinks we are crazy. Thank you for the advice. I am off to search for my own Bessie!