Thursday, November 4, 2010

An interview with a 5 year old

So, I sat down with Isabella the other day and asked her a few questions.
Here are her answers:

How old am I? 13 (Nice!)

Where do I work? At Eclectica

What do I do at Eclectica? Make pretty scrapbook pages (Aww!)

What do I do during the day? Take care of us

What is my favorite thing to do? Stay home and play with us

How tall am I? 13 inches (Apparently she's obsessed with the #13)

How much do I weigh? 14 pounds (HA! I haven't even lost that much on WW)

What is my favorite color? Orange (I'm actually growing quite fond of orange these days)

What is my favorite food? Broccoli (Hardly! But that is HER favorite)

What do I do after you kids go to bed? Work for Eclectica

What do I love the most about you? My laugh (I do love that laugh!)

What is my favorite thing about Sam? When he loves on me (Funny how she makes it about her, isn't it?)

What is your favorite thing about me? That you play with me a lot (happy ♥)

What do you think I was like when I was your age? You liked to play Barbies and ride your bike,... oh, and mess with your little brother (Right on, Sister!)

Where is my favorite place to shop? Eclectica (Hmmm, I think I might have a problem,...)

What's my favorite chore? Washing dishes (Yeah,... NO! But then again, I can't think of anything she could have answered that I would have agreed with)

What's my least favorite chore? Doing laundry (That's definitely on the list!)

What is my favorite thing to drink? Coke (There was absolutely no hesitation)

What is my favorite hobby? Hobby Lobby (Ha Ha Ha!)

I do love this girl of mine!
October 2010


Anonymous said...

How sweet! It is obvious in her responses that the children are your priority...good job! ♥

Anonymous said...

What was mommy like when she was 5? Barbies, bikes and messing with little brother huh? Very funny... Make sure you tell Isabella (aka Beautiful Pumpkin Angel) that Uncle Howie's favorite # is 13!

Rachel said...

Love it! I agree, I think you should feel proud of her answers. Interviewing children rocks.
Now go eat some Halloween candy. 13lbs for your weight is not sustaining you well.

Jessica said...

¡Que bella son las dos!