Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Road Trip

After much harassment many reminders that the Jacksonville folks had come to visit us in Memphis quite a few times, but that we had not been to Jacksonville to visit them in FOREVER, we decided that Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to head in that direction. And being that my parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary the same weekend, well... that was the perfect excuse for a big ol' family soiree. So in true Torres fashion, my younger brother and his family made a little pit stop in Jacksonville during their time in Orlando.

Unfortunately, our weekend took a bit of a bittersweet turn when Yaira's grandmother passed away while we were visiting. But we are so glad to have been able to be there for her and her family during this difficult time. And we were still able to be together and squeeze in a little fun in the process.

The cousins were ecstatic to spend time together.
This bunch is pretty crazy about each other and they play 
so well (and so much) together it's easy for us adults to do our catching up.

We visited a local arts and crafts fair.

 Yeah,... we don't have these in our craft shows in Memphis.

Our awesome host and hostess:

We walked around downtown:

Visited the Jacksonville Landing:

And of course, celebrated my parent's anniversary with a wonderful family dinner.
40 years! 

We are so very grateful for these two.
They are such a great example for me and my brothers.
And they are SO loved!

Oh, how I love these pictures!
And how I love this crazy family of mine!

 I really wish that Yaira was in them. She is such a big part of our family!


alison said...

i miss road trips. looks like y'all had a great time! very sorry to hear about yaira's grandmother...but you are right, it was good that she had family around for support during a difficult time for her.

and doncha just LOVE big families? i couldn't imagine thanksgiving with fewer than 50 people ;)