Thursday, January 20, 2011

Girls' Night out!

So, a while back I asked a certain little chickie out on a date.
She's my most favorite girl in the whole wide world.
And lucky for me, she said yes!
And yesterday was the special day.
(Yes, I realize it was a school night. We're kinda crazy like that sometimes.)
And she got all dolled up:
 And together, along with two cute boys, we enjoyed a nice dinner downtown.
But since it was supposed to be a girls' night, we ditched the boys.
But only after they paid for dinner ;)
And we went to the Orpheum to see this:
And right off the bat, we spent $15 on a set of Princess Fiona ears.
Ouch! She's an expensive date, this girl!
And we both wore them.
And we took some pictures.
OK, we took a bunch of pictures.
And then we headed upstairs to find our seats in the balcony.
And the anticipation of it all was killing us both!
And then we waited for the show to start.
And while we waited, she took over my camera and started shooting away.
Here's The Orpheum, as she sees it!
Beautiful, isn't it?

You all know how much I LOVE me some Broadway musicals.
Remember this post?
But in all honesty, even though Isabella has been to many
Disney-type productions in the past,
I was a bit concerned about how she would like a musical.
Being that it's a Broadway production, and all.

But I'm thrilled to report that we both thoroughly enjoyed it!
I love how they brought such a fun movie to life.
It followed the movie, yet it was quite different in many ways.
Does that make sense?

As always, they incorporated plenty of adult humor.
As well as plenty of farts and burps for the kids.
I mean, it is Shrek, after all.

I thought my favorite character would be Donkey,
since he's my favorite in the movie.
And even though he was very funny, 
unfortunately, he was no Eddie Murphy.

But in my humble opinion, Lord Farquaad stole the show.
I'm so glad they developed his character as much as they did.
He pretty much stole each and every scene he was in.

I'm so glad I was able to share such a nice evening with Isabella.
Next up... Beauty & the Beast in June.
Oh my goodness,... can you stand it?!?!


Anonymous said...

Lucky you have a girl to do such fun things! I love musicals too but my hubby fell asleep every time we went so I need to find someone to do that with...
By the way, I so do not agree with the astrological sign changes. I refuse to be any other sign than Leo, it so identifies me!!!!

alison said...

how fun!! i would have had to purchase myself a pair of them there shrek princess ears ;) this makes me realize that i need a date with my girlie girl soon. we don't have any cool broadway shows to go see, but she's got her eye on a certain 3D movie that's coming out. hmmmmm. and by the way....i LOVE her outfit and those glasses!! she looks so fashionable!

Jessica said...

Nena!!!! me encanto la foto de ustedes dos juntitas, la sonrisa de las dos muestran lo contenta que estaban. Que bueno que disfrutaron. Las quiero mucho!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to take my son, but never got around to getting tickets. I just don't know how he'd do. He can barely sit through a 2 hour movie without saying he wants to go home.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Love the Shrek ears! :-)

kbloems27 said...

Hi, I'm a new follower! Looks like you ladies had a great time!! We are starting monthly kid dates this month!

Looking forward to reading more!!


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Great pictures!!
My kids really enjoyed the show also!