Saturday, April 28, 2007

An Overall Wonderful Day

What an unbelievable day we had today. Great company, perfect weather, good food, a nice nap ~ you just can't beat that.

We met with Marci this morning and had our pictures taken at the Art Museum grounds. It was awesome. Isabella was being a little diva, well actually a big diva, but I finally broke down, pulled out the M&Ms and started the biggest bribe job in Butler history. I'm proud to report that it worked, for a little while anyway. Afterwards I had to resort to a different currency, potato chips, but that's a whole different story.

After the pictures Scott, Isabella and I went out to lunch and then home where Isabella and I both took a two and a half hour nap. We were totally exhausted ~ modeling and working it for the camera is hard work, I tell ya.

Anyway, we got up and went outside to play for a while. Scott mowed the lawn and Isabella and I watered the flowers, played with sand, played with bubbles, and chased the dogs. I guess that was one re-energizing nap. And as if Marci taking 340 photos earlier today wasn't enough, I took another 50 or so pictures of Isabella outside.

So, here I sit watching the movie "Just Friends" and laughing like crazy. It doesn't really matter that I've seen the movie 10 plus times, it's still hilarious to me. And I'm wondering whether or not I should suggest ice cream to Scott. Don't you think that would be the perfect end to a perfect day? I don't know if he'll be up for it being that it is 10:15 pm. Oh well, here I go, wish me luck!