Monday, May 14, 2007

Memories of a Wonderful Day

I had the best Mother's Day ever yesterday. We started the day by enjoying a wonderful service at church regarding stress (and boy did I need it). Isabella got to play with her little friend Josh, whom she absolutely loves. Aren't they adorable together?

Then we had an amazing lunch at PF Chang's. I LOVE everything about that place ~ the service, the environment, the food ~ but I have yet to figure out how to go there and NOT eat like it's gonna be the very last meal I'll ever have the pleasure of enjoying. Needless to say I left there with the worst food coma! So what's the best course of action to take after such tragedy? Why a 3 hour nap, of course. All three of us came home and ran to our respective beds for some much needed rest.

After our mid-day siestas (which we should see about making mandatory in the US, strictly for health reasons), we got up and enjoyed the wonderful weather outside while watching Isabella play in her new alligator pool. Afterwards, Scott grilled some chicken and made some mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. YUM!

This morning I woke up and I was still on yesterday's high. It was going to be a great day indeed, just like yesterday, and why not? But of course, all good things must come to an end. First, Isabella decided to spill her water all over herself. While I turned my back to go get some paper towel to clean up the mess, she proceeded to pick up my full cup and spill it was well. I'm not entirely sure why I got so upset, I mean she's not even two ~ the reality is that as some people say "I ain't seen nothin' yet" and honestly, I know this. So anyway, I clean up the mess and go about my day with my cranky child.

Finally, during lunch Isabella thought it'd be fun to spill her milk. I looked at her in disbelief and I'm sure she was able to instantly and accurately read the expression on my face since her comment to me was: "Oops, no do that, mommy". At that time I left the room for a while for a few reasons: (1) I really needed a minute to myself so that I could practice my breathing exercises (2) I didn't want her to see me laughing and interpret it as it's OK to spill your milk, or anything else for that matter, all over the floor, and finally (3) I thought if I gave it enough time the dogs would take care of the clean up (which they were delighted to do).

I am pleased to report that things eventually got better and the night ended wonderfully with me taking a scrapbooking class with Marci. And seriously, you just can't beat that.

And what about tomorrow? Well, one thing's for sure, Isabella will be using sippy cups ALL DAY LONG.