Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And away they go!

And by they I'm referring to these here beauties:

Yep, these are Isabella's Carnival Birthday Party invitations. And I'll make sure to share the inside later, after everyone has received them.

The kids and I went on a quick trip to the post office this morning to mail them out. All 16 of them. To the tune of $1.05 in postage each. Ouch! I'm thinking that next time I might just hand deliver them.

Anyway, we are so excited that they are finally on their way, which means we're pretty much at the point of no return. Although the party isn't until July 18th I still have SO much to do. So I better get back to work.

Oh and BTW, is it just me or is it totally crazy that tomorrow is already July? Seriously!


Michelle said...

Well the paper you used is awesome and knowing you the inside is out of this world...can't wait to see the inside.

and $1.05 each - oh well it's only money and your daughter's bday is only once a year- tehehe!

Liz Butler said...

I love the way you think, Michelle! You're definitely a girl after my own heart (and obsessions). LOL