Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer To-Do's

So, last week Isabella and I got together and thought about all the fun stuff we wanted to do this summer. We came up with a bunch of different activities, some small and some big, but every single one of them FUN! We then decided to put it down on paper so that (a) we wouldn't forget and (b) we could check them off as we did them (this is to satisfy mommy's love of lists and need for crossing things off).

This here is our Summer 2009 Fun List:

As you can see it's not anything formal. Just a few ideas of what we consider to be fun activities. And being that Isabella's school doesn't start back up until September 3rd, well we still have lots of fun time ahead of us.

Some of the activities on the list are ongoing things that we do rather frequently, such as color, paint, swim at Tata's, blow bubbles, play games, take pictures, etc. But then again, I did ask her to list off everything she wanted to do.

Others are currently in process, such as watching all the Disney Princesses movies. Isabella just got into the Princesses and every week we watch one or two movies. So far Tinkerbell is still her favorite, with Ariel from The Little Mermaid a close second.

And then you have the ones that are in the near future, such as the fireworks on the 4th, her carnival birthday party, and going to the beach.

Today we got to check off the Botanic Gardens since we went with our friends to feed the crazy fish and enjoy a nice picnic lunch.

I think it'll be interesting to look at the list in August and see all the fun things we did during these hot summer months.