Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap

So I'm back! And would you believe me if I tell you I am not yet fully recuperated from my birthday celebration? Now that's how I know I'm getting old. I am definitely not as resilient as I used to be, that's for sure.

My birthday weekend celebration was fantastic. It all started on Friday night when some friends invited us to join them for the Train/Sister Hazel concert at the Botanic Gardens. The weather could not have possibly been better for an outdoor evening concert. The company was fun and funny to the point that by the end of the evening my cheeks were hurting so bad from laughing so much. Now tell me, who doesn't love that kind of pain?

Me and Danyelle enjoying a beverage before the concert began.
She gave me the cutest wine glass that I just had to use that night.

Saturday morning we got ready for a cookout. Scott cooked three racks of ribs on the smoker and my Dad, my brother and his family all came over. We enjoyed a whole lot of yummy food, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and opened presents. By this time I honestly did not how I was going to physically make it to the big surprise Scott had planned for me.

On Saturday night Scott surprised me with dinner at Owen Brennan's where we were joined by most of the girls from my monthly Girl's Night Out group and their husbands. Scott and my good friend Hannah planned it together (which explains why she ignored me for most of the week). It was awesome! Yet again the night consisted of delicious food, awesome company, great conversation and lots of laughter.

Sunday morning Scott had to go to one of the Auto Zone stores for a new project roll-out so the kids and I had breakfast, got ready and waited for him to get home so that we could go to the zoo. We love the zoo. And although the kids and I frequent it quite often, Scott doesn't always get to join us. So off we went.

Scott and the kids immediately as we entered the zoo.

Sam totally mesmerized with the crazy monkeys.

The highlight of the day for Isabella:
Ridiculously overpriced face painting of a Rainbow Butterfly.

After walking through most of the zoo, we decided to have lunch and let the kids play on the playground for a bit before heading back home. Needless to say we were beat and every single one of us took a nice long nap.

Thanks Cakes for everything, especially for going out of your way to make this weekend so much fun and making me feel so special. I love you!


Michelle said...

Not sure how I missed this post...sounds like a awesome weekend and one great birthday! I was tired just from reading it :o)