Saturday, June 27, 2009

Isabella's Mantra:

Yep, that's our risks averse girl at the pool this morning. Not only is she wearing a life vest, floaties on her arms, and a float ring around her, but she's also sitting on the very first step. Here's the kicker,... regardless how hard I tried, I could not get her off that step and into the water.

But then we had a breakthrough. It all started with her going out into the "open waters" (sans the float ring) as long as she was holding my hands. Than she settled for holding one of my fingers. And finally she decided she could do it on her own and this is what we ended up with:

People, this is HUGE!

She is actually on her own! You have no idea the begging and pleading I've done in the last month or so to get her to feel more comfortable in the water, especially while wearing all that protection. I guess today was the day she decided she was safe enough. As of today going to the pool has taken a whole new meaning for her. Yay!

And what about Sam, you ask. Well, our concerns with him are totally different. With Sam is more about making sure he doesn't jump off the edge when we're not ready for him or suddenly slip out our arms while in the water or going under for too long. He is a fish and a wild one at that!