Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Checking it off the list

One of the adventures we have on our Summer To-Do list was to visit the Arlington airplane park, which is really known as the Playground of Dreams. So as of last Friday we can officially check it off our list. It is a wonderful playground with tons to do. However, we've made a mental note to revisit it in the Fall. Other than a few gazebos scattered around there really is no shade. And I'm sure the fact that we chose to go on one of the hottest days this month didn't help either. Funny thing though, this didn't really seem to slow the kids down any. My mom and I on the other hand, oh yeah, we were dying!

They all had a blast playing in the playground. Swings, slides, bars, you name it.

Afterward we moved over to an area with bleachers and a wooden stage where one by one the kids put on a show for me and my mom to enjoy.

We then decided to take a walking trail and explore nature around us. For the boys that pretty much meant picking up sticks and rocks.

Our adventure ended with all of us seeking a break from the hot sun and enjoying a nice picnic lunch in one of the gazebos.

Like I said, we're definitely looking forward to retuning to this awesome park, but it must be much cooler in order for us to really enjoy all it has to offer.