Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is the view I've had from the computer desk for the last few days:

Isabella snuggled on the big comfy chair in our playroom.

Among the gifts Isabella's grandparents sent her for her birthday was a LeapFrop Leapster Learning Game System. She loves it and is totally hooked! Personally, I love hearing the little giggles accompanied by "Yes!" or "Oops!".

She even used some of her birthday money and a $3.00 off Toys R Us coupon to buy an additional game yesterday. Of course she picked the brand spankin' new Tinkerbell Fairies game. I then took her to Target to buy her a carrying case so that she could keep everything together. Now all we need is to find some compatible headphones and we are golden!

Thank you so much guys! I can already tell this will definitely provide her with many hours of fun, entertainment and learning. Who can complain about that?


Christie said...

That is so cute. Madison loved hers. I was going to put hers on ebay along with some games. If you want I can let you know what games we have and you can get them for super cheap! LOL

I think any headphones can be used with it. The problem I had with Madison was finding ones that fit her head.