Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can someone please hand me a paper bag?

Isabella had picture day at school today.
Not only did they take class pictures, but they also took 4K graduation pictures.
Yes, that's right ~ cap and gown graduation from Preschool pictures.
Next stop ~ Kindergarten.
I'm a mess!

You can find me hyperventilating and whimpering, lying in the fetal position while rocking back and forth on the floor of our master closet.

Isn't she beautiful?
She picked out her outfit.
She was SO proud.
She's so big!

Can someone please hand me a paper bag?


Jessica said...

jajajajajaja. Well if you want a distraction that Isabella is growing soooo fast........go for your third kid, that'll keep you busy......jajajajaj love U!!!!

Liz Butler said...

Yeah, it's more like that would probably drive me insane. Just you wait little missy,... your time will come. We'll see who's laughing then :) Love you too!