Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day!

I think it's safe to say that the entire city of Memphis woke up to the biggest surprise this morning.

Snow! The good kind! And a whole lot of it!

After looking up local school closings online, I crawled into bed with Isabella and cuddled with her for a while. That was so nice! When she finally woke up, I immediately had her look out her bedroom window. She was ecstatic to see such a beautiful winter wonderland scene. So we all got dressed, ate some breakfast and ran outside to enjoy the snow.

We ran around and made footprints:
Our little snow princess:
We made snow angels:
Well, Isabella made snow angels.
Sam thought he would just lie down on the snow.
With his sippy cup,...
Then our neighbor came over and we had a snowball fight:
And Sam was in heaven!
It's crazy to think that this is our third "Snow Day" since the beginning of the year. In Memphis! But I'm not complaining. As long as they're all this fun, I say bring it on snow!


Michelle said...

looks like they had a blast! How cool to have that much snow in Memphis - crazy!!

Liz Butler said...

I know, isn't it? First we had a dusting of snow, then we had a huge ice storm, so I was definitely ready for some FUN snow.I'm just glad we got some!

Quilly Nilly said...

It was very surprising, I let Nicolas sleep in; he woke up around 9 and just looked at me and asked if he had to go to school today, when I told him no and to look out the window; his eyes got so big and he smiled. We went out in it too and they had a blast.