Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden Gymnastics Birthday Fun!

Caution ~ Photo-Heavy Post

Although her actual birthday is not until tomorrow (when she will be FIVE!), we celebrated Isabella's birthday with friends and family last Saturday. When I asked her (many, many months ago) what theme she wanted for her celebration, she instantly and without hesitation answered: Garden. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

So needless to say, my creative wheels started turning immediately: a garden party at home, a "big backyard" celebration at the Botanic Gardens, a fun crafty adventure at my friend Pam's farm. As you can see, the possibilities were many, and that's a great place for the party planning mommy to find herself in.

That is, until she was invited to one of her little preschool classmate's gymnastics party. Then the direction changed ever so slightly ~ my client still wanted the garden theme, but the location would be that exact same gymnastics gym. So that, my dear friends, is how our Garden Themed Gymnastics party concept was conceived. Hey, what can I say? She's the boss!

And this is how it all began:
As much as I'd love to take ALL the credit for the invitation, 
I must confess that my Silhouette did a whole lot of the work on this one. 
Oh, how I love that thing!

You pull the flowers out of the flower pot to see the party details.
Cute, isn't it?

And to stick with the garden theme, we ordered a garden cake and flower/ladybug/butterfly cookies as party favors.

I think it's safe to say that the Birthday girl was beyond excited on the day of her party.
 It was impossible to remove the smile she wore on her face the ENTIRE day! 

At the gymnastics gym they did everything from jumping on the trampoline to rope swings, going through an obstacle course, cargo climb, and racing through a huge inflatable. They had so much fun!

Warming up at the beginning of the party:

Jumping on the trampoline was a highlight for everyone:
The kids did a great job being patient and waiting their turn.

The rope swing was Isabella's favorite activity of the day.
Getting ready to go....
In midair:
Ready for landing:

Even Sam gave the rope swing a try...
with a little help, of course.

Boys racing up the cargo climb:

The huge inflatable races were fun and entertaining,
even for the adults who were watching.

Finally, they all gathered under the parachute
and sang Happy Birthday.

After that it was time for cake
and presents:

For the last few months, Isabella's birthday wish list has consisted of two major things: art supplies and anything and everything Barbie. Well, her grandparents totally hooked her up with an amazing art set-up, which I'll be sure to share with you soon. And I cannot even tell you how much Barbie she got at her party. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the sea of Barbie pink you could see from miles away.

So needless to say, she was one happy girl:


the shoafs said...

oh my gosh....will you plan MY birthday party??? or at least my kids' parties? i love love love the invitations!!

Krystle said...

Those invitations are absolutely postively adorable!!! All the fun things you can do with girls! Ha!