Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Weekend

We're coming off a nice long 4th of July weekend. It was perfect! With just the right amount of busy and relaxing time to suit us all. I even took a bit of a technology hiatus, and I have to admit, it was SO nice. But we now return to our regular programming.

The only bad thing about this weekend was that downtown decided to cancel their big fireworks display. You know, the one that we've been to every single year for the last six years. So we had to improvise and buy our own. My Dad, Mom and SIL all came over to join us. And lemme tell ya, doing our own fireworks turned out to be a blast! The kids LOVED every minute of it. Isabella (who is seriously the Safety First poster child) could not get enough of them! Sam, on the other hand, was much more cautious about the whole thing that any one of us would have expected.

In the midst of all the excitement, I came to one very obvious conclusion this weekend: I cannot for the life of me take a good "evening" pictures. Lucky for me we started the fun before it got too dark outside, so I was able to capture a couple of shots. But I quickly gave up, put the camera away and sat down to enjoy the fireworks.

Daddy looked like this most of the evening:
 He did a great job keeping all of us entertained.

This was one of Isabella's favorite:
But then again, I remember those Sparklers being my favorite when I was her age.

And like I mentioned, Sam opted for keeping a safe distance:
But hey, I'm not complaining. The alternative would have been pretty nerve-racking.

Now, I'm in the midst of planning a birthday party for one special little girl who will be turning five years old this month. FIVE! Ugh! It's a garden theme held at a gymnastics gym. Go figure! But the invitations have been created, signed, sealed, and delivered. I love how they turned out and will make sure to post a picture of them here soon.


Jocelyn said...

looks like you had a lot of fun! love the shot of your daughter and the sparkler...my daughter has the same dress:-)

the shoafs said...

so fun! we did at home fireworks this year too. a couple of times. and i'm working up to some nighttime photography....but it's definitely not a skill i have a good grasp on yet!

Jessica said...

I wanted to get some sparklers for the party for the kids we did here a couple of months ago and wasn't sure Koral would "play" with it, but looks like Isabella was amazed and had a fun time. (Oye nena, Sam se me parece tanto a Christian!!! Son los mismos!!!)