Monday, October 4, 2010

She is changing the world

One of the things that I love about our church is it's awareness of the terrible crisis our world is in, and its willingness to constantly get involved and help. Last week they had a "Change the World with Change" initiative. We were encouraged to take a baggie with us and put as much spare change in it as we wanted. The money collected would  be used to fill bags with essential dried goods, that would be then sent to Haiti. For only $.25 you can feed a person three meals in one day. Crazy, isn't it? It sure puts my needs, wants and desires into perspective.

Well, after I sat down and explained the initiative to Isabella, she took it upon herself to put as much of her own money as she could find in her baggie during the week. She was SO excited to be able to help children who have absolutely nothing.

So, yesterday morning, we sat down and counted the money in her baggie before leaving for church. She had collected $25.00, enough money to feed 100 people/children. In the midst of our excitement and celebration, she looked at me and said: "But Momma, 100 isn't that many."

Scott and I looked at each other and explained to her that we have to start somewhere. And that if everyone else at church gives, we will be able to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti. And that without her contribution there would be 100 people/children who would get nothing. And that her generous heart and selfless giving makes God SO happy.

And then she was once again happy to be able to do something to change the world.

But I won't lie to you,... I was so overwhelmed with sadness as my heart was crushed into a million tiny pieces right then and there. Because she's right. Because there are so many people in the world who are hurting. Because the need is much greater than anything we can imagine. And mostly, because even my innocent 5 year old recognizes in the depths of her heart that we can do SO much more.

After our church service, we picked the kids up from the nursery and took them to the gym so that they could drop off their baggies. We got to see the volunteers packaging all the food into bags: rice, extruded soy nuggets (protein), 20 vitamins and minerals and dehydrated vegetables.

Once again I was overwhelmed, but this time it was with joy!


Krystle said...

That's awesome!! She's so sweet and has such a big heart!

Anonymous said...

Liz, I love this girl!