Monday, March 21, 2011

It's official

Spring has begun!
It's my favorite season.
And the weather here has been AMAZING!
So we spent quite a few hours at Lowe's this weekend.
Mostly in the garden area.
And when we weren't at Lowe's, we were working in the backyard.
Working HARD!
Clearing, digging, planting.
And it all looks so pretty!

Happy Spring, everyone!


alison said...

i DO love me some springtime! the colors, the temperatures, the snakes....oh wait, NOT the snakes. that part i could do without. but the rest of spring is so wrapped in fabulosity that i'm willing to overlook the creepy serpents that insist on coming around too. ;) if you're feeling all are always welcome to come pretty up MY yard! heavens knows that it won't be ME doing it!!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice out today. We've been outside a few times. I've been reading my book on the back patio. Yay!