Monday, April 25, 2011

Our FUN Easter

We kicked off our Easter celebration on Saturday afternoon, 
when we went to Hope's first service with my parents. 
I loved everything about the service ~ the music, the message, even the rock we got take home. 
We followed church with dinner with my parents and then called it a night.
After all, we had to get some sleep so the Easter Bunny would make his appearance.

Easter Sunday started out with lots of oohs and aahs, 
when the kids came downstairs and found their Easter baskets. 
Unfortunately, they knew there was more fun to be had and so we quickly 
got dressed and headed outside to see what the Easter Bunny might have left behind.

And so the hunt began....

And pretty soon their baskets were overflowing with lots of bright colorful eggs...
filled with all kinds of treasures and delicious treats.
And then it was time to head out to one of our favorite family traditions, 
a picnic lunch at the Botanic Gardens.

We got to twirl around:

We made a new friend:

We enjoyed our picnic lunch under a shady tree:

We ran around, A LOT!

And of course, we fed the fish:
And being that this was the first weekend for feeding, 
they were extra hungry:

And then the kids decided to roll down a grassy hill.
A number of times.
 And almost immediately, they were super itchy.
And SO crabby.
And that, my friends, was our cue... it was now time to head back home.

As we drove home Scott and I talked about how much fun we had, 
and how blessed we are to have such amazing and healthy kids, 
and how we hope to be able to continue these little traditions of ours for years to come!

Hope your Easter was everything you hoped it would be!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, perfectly styled and gorgeous happy models!!! Happy Easter!
BTW- Love the picture of Isabella twirling her skirt, beautiful!
♥ Stephanie

alison said... i need me a zebra stiped skirt! or maybe just my girls do ;) i love the pic of isabella feeding the fish....with her jessie doll laying next to her! that looks like something my hannah would do!

Krystle said...

Looks like so much fun! We tried to take Logan to Shelby Farms but it was PACKED! It never even crossed my mind to think that the Botanical Gardens was open. We went last Sunday and weren't able to feed the fish, which, I think, I was more disappointed about! ha!

LOVE Isabella's dresses!! And Sam looking like quite the little man at church! Looks like you all had a great Easter =)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Awww-- how fun!!

Anonymous said...

Precious little ones: Sam Dog and my sweet little Beef Jerky!
Uncle Howie