Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday we had terrible weather. Like really, really scary weather! Rain, lightning, thunder, super strong winds, tornado sightings, sirens blaring ~ the whole shebang! I was working at Eclectica when the worst of it happened. I looked over at my friend Ellen and noticed she was stressing out. I kindly told her it would be OK and advised her to take some deep breaths. Then I made the mistake of saying what was on mind, "I wonder if Isabella is freaking out...". Ellen apparently also said what was on her mind, "She probably is." Yeah, that was the beginning of the end! I started thinking of my little girl, away from me, sitting in the hallway at school, scared out of her mind. Hello! Can you say panic attack?! I called Scott and started crying just thinking about it. Scott managed to talk me off the ledge and calm me down by telling me that the kids were probably in a safer spot than I was and quite possibly completely oblivious to what was going on outside. I bet Ellen was thinking "Who needs the deep breaths now, huh?"

2. When I finally picked Isabella up from school, I immediately asked her about her day. She gave me a run down of her day. Never once mentioning anything out of the ordinary. After waiting a while, I specifically asked if they had to huddle in the hallway because of the weather. She responded with a less than enthusiastic "Oh, yeah". She forgot. Alrighty then!

3. You know when people type LOL and LMBO? I often wonder, really? Are they really laughing out loud or laughing their butts off about this or that? Well, last night while catching up on my blog reading, I literally lol,... to the point of tears. One of my favorite bloggers, Meg Duerksen from Whatever, posted pictures of her attempt at grooming her dog. Oh my goodness, I'm still laughing at the pictures of poor Waffle. Go check it out here. That is some funny stuff! Best laugh I've had in a while.

4. I love me some canvas prints and the Canvas People are offering a free 8x10 canvas (not including shipping and handling) or $50 towards any upsized canvas. I hate that I missed out on this promotion last year, but trust me, I quickly jumped on it this time around. I ordered an 8x10 print, and the s&h came to about $15. I can't wait to get it! I think these would make great Mother's Day presents. Go check it out and order yours here!

5. Isabella says she is madly in love with a little boy in her class named Luke. She talks about how much she loves him and how much he loves her and how they're going to get married soon. I explained that it's OK to really like Luke and that they can be the best of friends, but Kindergarteners are much too young to even think about getting married. She thought about for a minute and then said: "Well, since the two of us are really smart, after we finish Kindergarten we can skip to the fifth grade, and then we can get married." Apparently 10 years old is the magic number. Yeah... good times!

6. I don't know about you, but I don't remember really noticing boys until I was like 12 or 13 or 14. What's up with that?

7. Scott and I did some exhaustive research and made some reservations. Disney in 2011! And we are all thrilled!

8. For some unknown reason, Sam was super excited to see his pediatrician for his three year check up. During the visit, Dr. Higgi told Sam he (1) HAS to sleep in his room, not in mom and dad's, (2) HAS to use the potty, no more Pull-Ups, and (3) could only drink one cup of juice a day. Needless to say Sam left the office feeling quite deflated.

9. Sam has slept in his room ALL NIGHT for the last 9 days. He has been sporting some pretty cool big boy underwear for the last 6 days, using Pull-Ups only at nap and night time. And his juice consumption has been drastically reduced to 1 (and OK, sometimes 2) cups per day.

10. Dr. Higgi is our hero! And Sam has been handsomely rewarded for all of his hard work!


Krystle said...

Yeah yesterday was scary. We're missing a door on our bathroom in the hallway we would run to so I panicked bc I didn't know where to go! Chris said it was still ok and I went back to painting! =) I missed out on the canvas thing too! I was going to do a poster size picture above my bed but now I'm thinking canvas might be the way to go!! Way to go Sam! Thankfully Logan's been sleeping in his own bed ALL night again! I was getting worried for a second. I asked him if he wanted to go on the potty and he said "NO Potty"! Oh boy! Haha! Oh and Isabella's discussion about her and Luke is hysterical and it remind me of a boy named Lawrence who I was going to marry in the 2nd grade! Needless to say we didn't marry and he moved to Buffalo, NY while we were still in the 2nd grade. I was crushed but moved on quite quickly lol!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I am so excited for you going to Disney! (I am trying to figure out a way to get there in 2011 too with that kids play free promotion!)

alison said...

we got that weather last night around midnight. i was up all night trying to make sure everything was unplugged, that the kids weren't waking up scared, and wondering if austin remembered to take the trampoline net (that we JUST ordered and got put up 2 days ago!) down so that it wouldn't end up getting ripped to shreds. i am the walking dead today.

and we are (hopefully) going to disney this year too!! chan's 4th bday is in september and we're hoping to take him (and hannah) then. SO exciting!!

i've seen then stuff on the free canvas but i was leary about it (i'm such a conspiracy theorist when it comes to "free" stuff!). i think i might look into it now though! i took some SUPER cute pics of ava the other day and i'd looooove to have one on canvas :)

Anonymous said...

I can hear your voice telling these stories. I "lol" - yes , all by myself , unless you count the dog. Let's.

Katelyn said...

I have often wondered if I should write LOL if I wasn't really laughing out loud...though sometime I do burst out with laughter. But what should I write when I chuckle silently to my self or am laughing on the inside? CSTMS? LOI?
I was driving home during that storm yesterday...the sky broke when after three minutes in my car (made my 20 min drive last for 30 or longer). And I had to call someone to see if I was hearing the sirens cause really all I could hear was the rain and I wasn't sure what to do about driving when tornado sirens were going off anyway...I just drove home - and am still alive!
Also, I have started a blog and am in need of assistance...I don't know what I am doing. I should not have started a blog. Would you mind if I facebooked you some Qs?
Oh...and your peds doc is TOUGH. But awesome:)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I text'd my kiddos teachers the minute the sirens started going off!! I was worried about mine also!