Monday, April 11, 2011

Our weekend in pictures

First order of business,... 
I hate to be Mr. Obvious here, 
but did you notice the blog just a got a make-over?
Isn't it SO purty?

The very talented Kristina from Two Happy Mamas 
is responsible for this much needed face lift.
And I LOVE it! 
She's got a lot more designs to choose from,
or you could be MUCH more brave than me and go custom.
Either way, be sure to go and check out their site.

OK, so moving on...
We had another beautiful weekend around these here parts.
Which lead to a whole lot of outdoor activities.

We did a lot of this:

and we couldn't get over the amount of grasshoppers we saw (and caught) 
Isabella's makeover is courtesy of our neighbor, Madison
Doesn't she look stunning?

and we made a couple more trips to Lowe's

and he picked up another scoop of mulch

and since it got to be so hot, out came the water hose

and water = a whole lot of FUN!
And now we're back to Monday.
A stormy one. 
But hey, after the weekends we've had lately, 
I can't much complain!


Tracy said...

I am loving your green grass, hoping I get so see some here soon :)
Beautiful photos

alison said...

your blog looks fresh to beautimous!! i like the makeover :)

we keep getting those "spring storms" down here too. i'm a little over them, but at least they're helping bring out all the greenery...which makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

We better enjoy the sunshine every second we can with all this rain. Geesh!