Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A hairy situation

Last Thursday, as I'm brushing his hair before school, Sam informs me that he wants to wear his hair ALL crazy.

Ummm,... OK!

A little gel and a whole lot of hair spray later, we ended up with the return of the faux-hawk!

Well, not one to leave well enough alone, the next day he decides he wants even crazier hair.


A whole lot of gel and a whole lot of hair spray later, we ended up with Mr. Spikes!

Step aside, Zoolander,... this boy can work these crazy do's like it's no one's business, lemme tell ya!

And if this is the only way this boy will willingly step in front of the camera for me, then I will gladly go and buy industrial size bottles of both gel and hairspray  ;-)


alison said...

chandler has recently discovered the wonder that is gel. now he wants his hair "poking up" every morning. between that and his "man soap" that he insists on bathing with (it's actually austin's irish spring sport....chandler now comes up to us after his showers and says, "smell me. i smell like a MAN!") i don't know what to do with that kid!! i love sam's fauz hawk....chan's never looks quite that good. i think it's a hairstylist error ;)

Rachel said...

Love the faux hawk. It looks so cute on him! What a little man!