Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. OK, I don't have a lot of time, so I have to make this short and sweet.

2. I have fallen off the reading wagon something awful. It appears I've been working on the book I'm currently reading for a month. And I'm not even half way through it... that is so sad. Pathetic, really!

3. I miss reading!

4. The entire family is counting down the days until our Disney trip. As of today, it is exactly 46 days!!! Eeekkk!!!

5. I wish the city schools had the same amount of fall break as the county schools. Seriously, who is the idiot that decides all of this?

6. Back in August, during "Meet the Teacher" night, I signed up to volunteer for just about everything in Isabella's class. Well, everything except for being a room mom. You all know how I feel about that!

7. Guess who was assigned to being the room parent for Isabella's class! How the heck does that happen?! I wasn't even asked!! Yeah,... let's just say I'm not exactly giddy with excitement over this one!

8. My blogging to-do list is bursting at the seams with tons of fun stuff I'm dying to share with you.

9. One of the blog posts I've been trying to put together for some time now is the one about our visit to the pumpkin patch. So. Much. Fun! Stay tuned for that one, it's coming soon.

10. Is anybody out there watching the show Parenthood? Oh my goodness... it is seriously the Best. Show. EVER! And it's starting right about now, so I gotsta go! Until next time.

Oh and yes, since I don't like words-only posts, here's a sneak peek from our pumpkin patch visit:
Sam, the pirate, with Isabella, the neon tiger.


Rachel said...

LOVE Parenthood and always so sad when it's over each week. And that is some SERIOUS big time fancy face painting! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Love the face painting!

alison said...

your pumpkin patch is CLEARLY cooler than ours....LOVE the face painting!! and oh how i wish we were going to Disney this year. we were supposed to for chan's 4th bday but it just wasn't in the cards. i'm hoping for next fall though :) and i saw your pumpkin patch post in my google reader this morning...clicked on it and it wasn't there. boo :(