Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fresh fruit, anyone?

This last weekend we went to Jones Orchard for some good ol' fruit picking fun. We have been dying to get up there to pick some fresh fruit for some time, but last year most of their crops were destroyed due to the crazy weather around here. But alas, we made it and we had a blast!
I can honestly say we ate a good amount while we picked. Isabella loved picking the fruit right off the trees and placing them in her own little basket. It was so funny to see her examine the fruit and decide whether it should go in her basket or if it should go to "the birds".
Although we did not have any luck finding but a few edible blackberries, the supply of peaches and plums was endless and they were really good. However, nothing quite compared to the delicious strawberries that Scott worked so very hard to find. YUM! Just thinking about them makes me want to go downstairs and have a few.
The only downside to our little adventure was that it was very hot and the orchard offers very little shade. So in order to try to keep Sam cool, he was usually either under the little bit of shade available, or inside the nice air conditioned van. Oh well, he didn't seem to mind.
OK, and now I'm off to bed. It's super late and I know I'll hate myself in the morning, but I had to upload some photos to Costco's website to pick up tomorrow during my morning of errands. I'm working on a little project and I can't wait to share it with you, but not until it's completed.