Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pigtails, snails, stripes, and everything nice,...

that's what my little girl's made of!

Today was a lot less hectic than the last couple of days have been, which could very well be because I am exhausted! I'm suddenly REALLY realizing and appreciating all of the help Scott provides when he's around. Hurry home Cakes!

Anyway, unlike the last couple of days, today I wasn't worried about being out of the house by a certain time and that felt really good. But as it turned out, without any rushing, we were ready in time to make it to the Cordova Library for storytime, which was leaps and bounds better than the storytime we went to at the Children's Museum. The lady today read 4 books and sang 3 songs with the kids, and afterwards they got to decorate their own kites (today's theme was summer). I'm certain we'll be returning in the coming weeks.

Afterwards we went to the park for a little while so Isabella could "fly" her kite and play on the swings and slides. Unfortunately, that did not last too long because the sun was quite brutal, there was no shade and the three of us were roasting.

Today was also the first time ever I have ventured into the pigtails arena. Until now I've pretty much stuck to the side bow, pony tail or hair up on a clip. Although there are pictures of it, I will not be sharing the backside in the hopes you cannot see my inability to make a straight part.
Does she not look adorable? She certainly thought so as she looked at herself in the mirror and "humbly" exclaimed: "Mommy, I look beautiful!"

Sam decided not to sleep through our escapades today and was quite a content little baby boy. I just realized that most of the pictures I have posted of him recently are of him in his carrier. I promise you we take him out of it, quite often actually. But when it's just me, I can't really hold him and take his picture, so this will have to do for now, until Scott comes back or I grow another couple of arms, whichever comes first.

So off we go now over to my brother's so Isabella can play with her cousins and release some of that never-ending energy of hers. Until next time,...