Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One down, Three to go

So our first day of fun for Butler, party of three, was a great success. We got up bright and early and went to the Children's Museum so that Isabella could sit through their toddler book club which takes place every Tuesday morning. Today's selection was "Ten Terrible Dinosaurs" by Paul Stickland, and it was cute enough but I think Isabella had a much better time with crafts and snacks. Afterwards we got to and play around the museum.
We got to drive an airplane, a fire truck, a police car and a motorcycle. In addition we played with puzzles, Play-Doh, paper, scissors and glue. Isabella loved getting dressed up as a little pig and dancing on the big stage to the same music that Napoleon Dynamite danced to in his school. Yeah, the very immature teenager in me couldn't stop giggling about it, but luckily she thought I was laughing because I was so enjoying her performance, which don't get me wrong, I was. But then she picked up a ribbon ring and started twirling it around, and I'll be darned if that teenager didn't come back with thoughts of Will Ferrell's ribbon dance scene from Old School. Hilarious, I tell ya,...
Honestly, she really enjoyed wearing the pig costume and dancing on the stage.
Does this not SCREAM Will Ferrell in Old School?
Anyhoo, the highlight of the Museum visit was a Curious George play area, and Isabella absolutely LOVES George the monkey. So she played Curious George putt-putt, and she played in the Curious George market, and she made calls from the Curious George office, and you name it ~ everything Curious George, she did and thoroughly enjoyed.
Oh, for the love of George,...
Sam says: "Power to the people", or something,...
I realized it was getting late and since I was having a bit of a hard time getting her out of there, I lured her out with the offer of lunch and a bit of play time at Chick-fil-A. It worked like a charm.

Hey Daddy, we love you and we miss you!