Saturday, June 14, 2008

This Boy

... is 3 months old today. Here are a few fun facts about baby Sam:

* As of this past Tuesday he weighs 17.10 lbs and is officially off the charts weight-wise
* He is such a happy baby, always giving us those great big smiles that melt our hearts
* He adores his big sister Isabella and watches her intently whenever she's around
* He loves to eat. A lot. All of the time, actually
* He is such a good sleeper, waking up only once and most nights it's around 5:00am, allowing his mommy and daddy a few good hours of decent sleep
* He must have the sweetest dreams because he's always smiling and often times actually giggling in his sleep
* He loves bath time, especially if his sister is involved
* He still prefers to be swaddled when he goes to sleep (due to his size, we'll be needing to upgrade to a queen size sheet pretty soon)
* He coos and grunts all the time when you talk to him, making for some pretty deep conversations
* It appears he is going to have blue eyes like his sister
* He's a great little traveler (trust me, we've just recently been there)
* He's pretty close to outgrowing his size 9 months clothes since most of them are a bit snug around the belly
* He just started giggling when you play peek-a-boo with him
* He's a bit of a late bloomer in the Colic department - where most babies usually outgrow it by this age, he's just recently had a few episodes, thankfully during the afternoon
* He must be pretty close to starting the teething process because he is constantly drooling, and it's not just a little bit here and there,... oh no, it's by the gallon
* He's just starting to reach for things

It's hard to believe our sweet boy is already three months old. He has brought so much joy to our home and we are crazy head over heals in love with him.