Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Make it a double,... or maybe a triple

It appears we've had a change of plans. As reported yesterday, my Dad went into the hospital this morning for a cardiac catheterization procedure. Once in there the doctors discovered that my Dad's heart had a number of blockages in his arteries, some from before his stent was put in and others from after. So the cardiologist called his colleague, the heart surgeon, to further evaluate my Dad's condition and determine whether or not they should put in another stent to slow down the problem or if they could actually consider heart surgery to solve the problem.

Well, after many conversations about risks and conditions the decision was made to operate on my Dad's heart tomorrow morning. So as of right now we're looking at either a double or a triple bypass. We'll know for sure tomorrow, once they're actually in.

The kids and I went to the hospital to see him this afternoon and I was ecstatic to find him in such high spirits. I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that for years and years the doctors in Puerto Rico told him he would not be considered a candidate for heart surgery due to his kidney condition and he would not be considered a candidate for kidney transplant due to his heart condition. Well, a door has finally opened, here in Memphis of all places, with doctors who are not only interested in addressing his heart condition, but in addressing his kidney and liver conditions as well. God sure does work in mysterious ways!

We've been told that my Dad will probably be taken into prep at around 6:00am, so I'm heading to the hospital very early in the morning to spend some time with him before he's taken into the OR. Scott's taking the day off and staying home with the kiddos, but I'll be spending the day at the hospital with my Mom. I do however promise I will update you guys as soon as I get home.

Once again I'd like to thank all of you for your continued prayers and encouraging words. This has been quite a roller coaster ride and your kindness has definitely inspired me enormously throughout this process. You guys are the best!


Nate said...

I hope things are going well! Sending all my thoughts and love your way!

Jessica said...

Le oro a Jehová, Dios que todo salga bien. Por favor, nos avisan aca, que todos estamos pensando en tio. Ya sé que entro en sala. Se me cuidan toditos.

Juli said...

liz...as soon as you know something please let us know.....we are praying and praying and praying!