Friday, February 27, 2009

He's a Champ!

Hey guys, I've got great news: my Dad was discharged from ICU first thing this morning. YAY! By the time the kids and I got there to see him he was standing and walking and sitting and talking and eating and laughing. All of the tubes and bandages have been removed and he looks awesome! I could not get over how much more improved he was since I saw him just last night.

I actually just got off the phone with his cardiologist who told me that they are all very satisfied with the surgery results and the progress my Dad is making. He said my Dad is tough and he could be coming home in a short couple of days. It'll take about 3 months before we can start re-testing to see how much his heart capacity has improved/changed, and we're not even talking transplants until then, but in the meantime my Dad should feel much better than he has in a very long time. And I'd say that's definitely something to smile about.


Lynn B. said...

Awesome, Liz. Awesome!

Sandy Pelzek said...