Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Fun

Well, it's official! Now that we'd had our one annual snow day in Memphis, we are definitely ready for Spring. It snowed so much yesterday and we just couldn't help but go outside and play until our feet, fingers and noses were red, runny and numb.

Isabella loves everything about snow. She absolutely adores it! The mere sight of snow puts her in the best mood and she could play in it for hours at a time. Making snow angels, making footprints, and throwing snowballs are high on her list of fun things to do.

Sam on the other hand, I think would have been quite satisfied by just looking at it through the windows. We sat him in the wagon and gave him some snow to play with. The entire time we were outside he pretty much had a look of confusion and dissatisfaction on his adorable little face. He just was not quite sure what to make of all of the commotion over the cold and uncomfortable situation we had willingly placed ourselves in.

It was all fun and games until someone made sure to notify us he had had enough.

Pitiful, I tell ya!


Lynn B. said...

Cute pics! We have been hearing on the news about the snow you guys have been getting! Crazy...

btw..Marshall has the same jacket... ;)