Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Being that we are currently on Spring Break and the weather here is finally warm, sunny and beautiful my Mom and I decided a trip to the Botanic Garden was definitely in order for today. So we packed up the kids (Isabella, Sam and my niece and nephew) and off we went.

I totally adore going to the Botanic Garden. So much so that I have made it an annual tradition to go at least twice. Unfortunately I have never made it in time for Spring flowers ~ Tulips, Daffodils, Lilies, and Irises. Every year I end up going a week or two too late and I always end up missing them.

Oh, not this year. I am determined not to miss them this time around. This year we went earlier than ever before. Now I must admit my plan to go early backfired just a tad. You see, most of the Spring flowers haven't quite bloomed yet and the crazy fish cannot be fed until about another few weeks (something about their digestive systems). Although there were quite a bit of beautiful flowers to look at, the majority of them are still MIA. So it would appear we went a bit too early, but we had fun nonetheless.

I mean seriously, how can you not have a good time when this is what we were greeted by:

Oh, how I LOVE me some Spring flowers!

The gardens are totally relaxing and the weather was absolutely perfect and the kids played and ran and we enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch on the grounds.

My Dad borrowed one of their motorized wheelchairs and as it turns out all of it's wheels/tires were flat and in desperate need of some air. But that didn't seem to slow my Dad any. Initially it took him some time to get the hang of it and it was like he was on a bumper car, a speeding out of control bumper car, but eventually he got it. Boy, did I laugh! I tell ya, we had an awesome time!

Now we can't wait to go back in a week or two so that maybe I can catch my Spring flowers this year after all.


Michelle said...

Love the pics of you and your family! Miss you!

oh and on your comment - I haven't scrapbooked in awhile but I did do a page last week. It was fun and I realize how much I miss it. IF I can ever get organized and stay ahead I'm hopefully going to start scrapbooking each week. I'll definitely share what I create - when i finally get around to it!

Sorry to hear about the stomach flu/bug - it's nasty and I hope you are all feeling better ASAP!