Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scrap Therapy

So I went to my twice-a-year crop at my local scrapbook store last night and boy did I have me a great time. I got off to a bit of a slow start. Since I hadn't been in the store in quite some time I basically dedicated my first hour upon arrival to perusing the store, taking in all the new merchandise and doing some serious shopping. Once I finally got that out of my system, I sat down and began creating.

Have I told you how much I love scrapbooking? I love it! I started this hobby just a few months after Isabella was born and have literally made hundreds of pages documenting many of our fondest family memories.

To me scrapbooking it is like therapy. Really pretty, colorful and expensive therapy. If things around here get crazy all I have to do is sit at my scrap desk, pull out some photos, some yummy papers, some embellishments and I'm instantly covered from head to toe by a sense of calm and relaxation. And trust me when I tell you things around here have been crazy lately. So this crop was definitely Heaven sent!

I don't have any specific scrapbook style I stick with layout after layout and I'm the biggest scraplifter around ~ I see a design I like, I copy it, I use it over and over and I'm not ashamed of it. It's that simple. This is supposed to be fun, remember?

Following are some of the layouts I did last night at the crop. A lot of the photos will look quite familiar being that they've all been featured on the blog recently, but I just wanted to capture the stories for our family albums.

This picture of the cousins together was taken last December at the zoo.

Talking about all the things my Dad is to me.

Documenting Sam's first taste of powdered donuts.

Isabella posing for her Mommy on picture day.

This is the picture I used in Sam's Birthday Party invitations.

So there you have it. Put me in a confined place loaded with scrapbook goodness for six hours straight and I'm bound to create something.


Lynn B. said...

You are so talented!

Michelle said...

What beautiful pages!! SOOOO wish I could have been at the store - of course, it probably wouldn't be as a crop attendee as it would be as a worker, LOL! But we'd still would have been able to chit chat and ohh and ahh over all the wonderful msde. that I just can't find here - ok I'm sooooo jealous!!