Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet our new tenant

Yes, we have a new tenant. Well, aside from my parents that is. Lucky for us this one decided to establish its residence outdoors.

Isn't she cute?

We discovered her a little over a week ago when Scott was outside pruning our Crape Myrtle trees. Which is exactly the reason why this specific tree looks the way it does. We just couldn't bring ourselves to prune the whole thing with the bird sitting in its nest looking straight at us. So we ended up with a haphazardly pruned tree. Well, that and a bird who's probably waiting for FEMA to deliver a better tree after this little catastrophe.

The kids love to go outside and check on "our" bird every day. I can't wait for her eggs to hatch so that they can see the baby birds. Thank goodness the nest is too high for Isabella to reach. The thought of what could happen if it were within her reach quite honestly petrifies me.