Friday, March 27, 2009

The return of our walks

Ever since Isabella was little as soon as we caught the first glimpse of Spring we would go out on daily walks around our neighborhood. These walks would take place in the morning and/or after the afternoon nap. I would usually push her in her little red car or pull her on the big red wagon. Either way we had a great time. As she got older she would make every walk a different adventure. She certainly kept things interested with that very active imagination of hers.

Well, now that the weather around these parts seems to finally be a bit more cooperative and consistent we have resumed our daily walks. This year we're quite the walking crowd with the addition of Sam and my Mom. And these days Sam is the one being pushed in the little red car (which he barely fits in anymore) or pulled in the big red wagon. Isabella usually walks, unless the wagon is the chosen mode of transportation, then she is quite likely to hop in for a ride.

I love our little walks. But I also love just being outside this time of year ~ blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, playing with toys, picking flowers. Yesterday was such a day. The weather was great, we got enjoy hours of just hanging out outside, and it was awesome!

Sam thoroughly enjoying his ride.

Isabella picking flowers from our yard.

Doing one of our favorite things ~ playing with bubbles.

A walking we will go,...

Sam being his happy go lucky self.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this time of year?


Michelle said...

WOW - those pictures are gorgeous! How fun to have nice weather and do your adventures with the kids and your mom! Enjoy it!

Miss you!

Jessica said...

Los hijos sacan el niƱo que hay dentro de uno. Nosotros tambien estamos jugando mucho afuera y me acordaste, que tengo unas fotos jugando con "bubbles" afuera que no he posteado'.
Que bueno que toditos estan bien, y estan disfrutando.